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About William K Holman

For the best legal assistance in the Peoria Tri County, Illinois area, trust dedicated attorney William K. Holman. Mr. Holman has more than 30 years of experience in the legal field and we will work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for you. He has the necessary resources, litigation skills and experience that are required to successfully argue and win cases.
William K. Holman runs a fully licensed and insured law practice. He specializes in family law, criminal law, divorce and more. He represents clients in all cases and no matter what kind of case it is, he will always make your case his top priority. Mr. Holman prides himself on staying current with the most recent legal matters in order to defend his clients strongly and confidently.
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William K. Holman is an aggressive litigator, effective negotiator and is passionate about the law, always achieving the best results with every case. As a former Assistant State Attorney and a respected counselor, Mr. Holman is proud to be State Bar Certified. His extensive experience and resources as a reputable attorney allows him to represent a variety of clients in a wide range of fields. For the best representation in the area, call William K. Holman today!
If you live in the Peoria Tri County, Illinois area and you have a current legal matter or want to know what options you have regarding an upcoming case, please contact our offices. We look forward to helping resolve any and all legal problems you encounter.